We need you! As a 100% volunteer organization, we need people to make it work. You can become an EMT and join our squad. This is a wonderful and unique chance to give back to your community. No experience necessary. As a volunteer, you will take an EMT training course that will give you all the skills you need. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve. If you are ready to volunteer, click below to get started!


Do I need to be a trained EMT to join the squad?

No experience is necessary. You will take a state certified EMT initial training course to learn all the skills you will need.

How long will the training courses take? 

Depending on the location of the course, schedules will vary from night classes, to weekend classes lasting anywhere between 3-4 months.

How much time do I need to have to volunteer?

We ask our members to commit 30 hours of duty time a month. This can be satisfied by serving during anytime of the day, including overnight, any day of the week.

Will I have to stay at the station during my volunteer hours?

No. Most of our members respond from their own homes. Our members are provided with a pager that receives emergency notifications from the County Dispatch Center. You are welcome to stay in our building during your duty time but it is not required. If you are not in the building, you will need to stay within the town to receive alerts.

I'm nervous about how I will feel around medical emergencies. What if I come upon a situation I don't feel comfortable in?

During the first months of your work with the squad, you will be known as a "probationary" member. This means you will always be the third member of a crew. You will have an additional member in the ambulance with you to help you care for a patient.

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